disconnect from the excess reconnect with vast space.
Within life’s greater rhythm,
We're reawakening our own nature
Owning fewer things
... to the vast open space
where the brightest of dreamers
dream outside of habitual hours.
it is said that Here, in the field,
the dreamer in each of us
can (re)awaken such dreams...
+ when one can't tell the difference between dreams versus reality,
you know you've arrived.
it all starts with
the Magical Moment of Now.


magical moments

they are everywhere,
yet nowhere at all....
where time appears to slow down
+ within a natural rhythm + flow,
synchronistic events
+ breakthrough ah-ha's
are alive + well lit.
we just need enough space to allow them to unfold

an abundance of unlimited potential.

your tour guide

Hi, I'm Jordyn
full-time steward of vast open space 

     once upon a time, 

i wanted more time, energy + resources to Be more present with what i Love most. so i said bye to 5 closets of clothing, a 6-figure job opportunity, prius, + studio overlooking the hollywood sign to embark on a year-long traveling sabbatical.


    what i (re)discovered?
...space for more magic that led to my wildest dreams.

this quest had me feeling alive + awake to the world

in a new way... something i'd somehow forgotten

while living a grownup up life with a grownup studio,

grownup job + grownup friends in the city.

   in present happenings:

when not traveling, you can find me in The Northwoods of WI building a tiny house on wheels with reclaimed materials wearing nothing but a 9-item capsule wardrobe, The Naked Style.

aseen in

Around The Campfire
The Good Trade
Mind Body Green
Queen Magazine
Elephant Journal

pull up a seat

hi fellow traveler,

what if you had more space in your life?

where would you go?

what would you do?

at The Magical Field, hundreds of other travelers + i have embarked on a quest to disconnect from the excess to reconnect with 'A SPACE TO BE & LOVE.'  it's unique for each one of us + the best part? 


...you can always be Here when you want to be Here.

i believe that when we live our dreams,

we can be a light for others + force for global change.

this, as we know, is needed right Now more than ever.

stay on track with manifesting your dreams.

it all starts with the Magical Moment of Now.

sign up below to get started.

to Be & Love, 

jordyn moullette
full time steward of vast open space


ultimately, A SPACE TO BE & LOVE 

is to Be present with what's Loved most. 



the path less traveled:






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a disclosure for dreamers, misfits, + explorers:

there's never a good time to begin following your dreams. in fact, this dream is going to disrupt your current way of living, shaking things up a bit. in many ways, everything in your life is going to change from the point you start following your dreams. it will change many times over + you won’t have any idea of how it will all play out.