"Magic is everywhere
for those who listen."

Within life’s greater rhythm,
We're reawakening our own nature
Owning fewer things

Hi, I'm Jordyn...

... & this is 
Swan Studio


... a 302 sqft tiny house on wheels I'm building in The Northwoods of Wisconsin on the ancestral lands of the Ojibwa. 

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Once upon a time, I said goodbye to my Prius, studio overlooking the Hollywood sign, 5 closets of clothing & a 6-figure job opportunity to take a yearlong traveling sabbatical out in nature. It was here in vast open space that I (re)discovered life's everyday magic.

Upon returning from off-grid and back to the roots of my ancestors and cheese in The Northwoods of WI, I wanted to sustain this space that was created. I began writing for publications such as Elephant Journal and Mind Body Green, sharing ways we can all create more magical moments in our busy lives.

And to make space for life's magic, we don't necessarily have to go through the so-called "life changing magic of tidying," take a digital detox, shopping ban or wear nothing but a 9-item capsule wardrobe for 9 months. I know, because I've done the above only to find a simpler path that I share here with you...

The secret? I believe it all starts by taking the time to slow down, be present, and reconnect with the natural rhythms and cycles of our inner landscapes. When we give ourselves permission to do so, it not only benefits our own well-being and therefore those we love most, but benefits the planet too.

The best part is that this lifestyle can be accessible for anyone, no matter current whereabouts, and through any season of change. That's why I created this grass-stained blog, sharing findings of the many ways I, myself, along with other experts in the field are experimenting with taking the road less traveled. 
I invite you to join me on the ever-evolving journey of disconnecting from the excess to make space for what matters most. Only here we can reawaken and rekindle our own unique magic in the seemingly mundane.. And if we only have one life to live, why not fill it with a wee bit more wonder, beauty and awe? 

May you have a magical stay.

Jordyn Moullette,

Full Time Steward at The Magical Field



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A collection of timeworn treasures, 1-of-a-kind oddities & art with messages, musings & medicine from the flora & fauna


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