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The seasonal shop is currently closed.   See below for details.

Hi! As noted, the seasonal shop is currently closed. Starting this summer, I'm on an art sabbatical. What the heck does this mean? Not 100% sure! I guess that's kind of the point to just embrace the unfolding of it.


Said sabbatical was sparked from a recent rediscovery of an old box containing used art supplies. Within this box was a smaller box of 12 watercolors. As with much of my past work, I love the challenge of working with constraints & now with painting, that's just what this 12-color palette has to offer!

Looking forward to dusting off a few brushes to see what transpires. To follow along, I'll post progress on Instagram. You can also sign up HERE for updates (& to be notified when the shop opens!)

Thanks for stopping by... - Jordyn

Watercolor Brush 15
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