come well.

... there was a young girl with many dreams. One of these dreams was to build her very own house with her very own wardrobe. She would sit up at night + sketch this dream, planning to build it one day as a grownup in real life.  


Once Upon A Time...

Then life happened. She grew up quickly. She became a grownup. She did grownup things with grownup friends + had a grownup job with a grownup apartment in the city. As she tamed herself to fit into the world, she quickly lost sight of her dreams.

One day she  woke up, came to an abrupt stop + decided to return to nature. It is here that she began to connect the dots between her roots + her wings, coming to find those dreams she's reclaiming never really left her after all. 

Now, she travels on a journey to build A Space to Be & Love,

one magical moment at a time...

 los angeles the northwoods

with a suitcase in hand...

To and From
The story continues...

with field notes & tiny reminders of life’s magic... 

Within life’s greater rhythm,
We're reawakening our own nature
Owning fewer things

built from the ground up


Present Happenings

The Retreat

Building a tiny house in The Northwoods to reconnect with nature, going back to basics and simplicity.

The Style

Building a new type of eco-wear one item of clothing at a time that feels good from the inside out.

The Blog

Documenting the build of tiny dreams and things one magical moment at a time.

Explore More:

the blog | the style | the retreat


 Ultimately, it’s about simply allowing more time to be present to the things we love most and that’s what creating 

A Space to Be & Love is all about.



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Lets explore what it means to individually create A Space to Be & Love  

of our very own, be it in our home, our style or life,

--- one moment, picture and word at a time.