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Spring Cleaning, A Seasonal Ritual

I have a confession. As much as I’ve been trying to remain present and open to my surroundings, I have been on a countdown... a countdown from one day to the next... and the countdown ended yesterday...

marking the first day of Spring!

It has finally sprung. I am relieved that I made it through my first winter in the Midwest after the past 8 years on the West Coast. It makes me want to sing, dance, play and get outside to explore.

What does this mean?

For me, Spring marks a fresh new time for birds to chirp as previously planted seeds begin to bud. Between the design of consciously crafted clothing to the build of a tiny house underway, I want to create space for all of the growing, sprouting, fine tuning and magical notes to come.

I find that spring cleaning is one way to do just that and here are some simplified steps to say goodbye to clutter if you're interested in jumping on the spring cleaning train that I wrote for MindBodyGreen.

In the mood to read more? Here's another article on creating space through the process of decluttering from fun collaboration with my ole Los Angeles neighbors, @TheGoodTrade : Read HERE.

In addition, it means I can BUILD. With less snow and more excitement, I wanted to celebrate the season of Spring so I kicked it off by ordering materials for the retreat and the style. Here's what got ordered:

-Round two of tiny house lumber from the local lumberyard to build a subfloor

- first round of Organic Cotton fabric for creating a capsule wardrobe

Between the countdown and the days of shoveling snow, there's been some colorful space created with a few precious people in my life, both young and old.

No matter what's going down on the outside

with seasons of time,

in between building or designing,

cold or warmth,

or from California to Wisconsin,

In between past days of romanticized white snow fallen and before the buds of spring green, is this bedded space of wonder. Admiration of the present, wide open space... Anticipation of the growing space yet to come...

it is simply within these magical moments that I feel Alive.

Fresh. Free. And chirping with a heart full and full of color.


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