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Yoga To Put Spring Into Your Step!

A complimentary tune for this weeks {field note} by Cat Stevens : Jam HERE.

"You have to find that place that brings out the human in you, the soul in you, the love in you." -r.m. drake

the ole winter hibernation...

a season to plot + plan.

& then spring steps in with a spring!

buds sprout

as the color of new is in the air.

the birds chirp &

clouds are full


it's time to move.

Put A Little Spring Into Your Step with this 1 hour, All-Levels Yoga Class, starting with setting an intention --- What do you want to nourish, cultivate and grow into right now?

Within this field experience, you’ll find your flow, slowly becoming more extroverted and energetic like Spring within a pace that quickens as you warm up the body in a series of Sun Salutation A.

In the peak of your practice, you’ll find balance, followed by cooling down at the end, accompanied by the birds, that'll have you slow back down and shed all that no longer serves you.

May this Be 1 hour of fully aligning with all you want to see Sprout and Bloom, through any season of change!

Join in HERE.

+Water +Sunshine +Dust = leaning into the simple, yet necessary components for a colorful life.

i said to myself,

"i think it's time to build a tiny house."


Once Upon A Time,

a sound + secure sub-floor was built from the ground up.


within this foundation

created space for more helping hands...



of this tiny house,

is a feeling of Being


with the sun + shade,

wildflowers in the middle of nowhere,

a winding dirt road

leading to trickling water


it certainly cannot be done in one picture.

framing the walls + roof with 2x4s + 2x6s

here i can hear

the silence of growing things

OSB board sure makes the future placement of windows come to a visual life within their rough openings

in a field of 1000 dandelions, i made a wish

for the space to pause, tune inward, + envision this craving;

... to just breathe & Be.

the windows swing into their rough openings as the roof + house wrap make this home weather tight

in this moment,

i'm reminded of the importance of space

that can allow us to close our eyes

to truly see.

In the silence of growing things,






...Trust the wait

...Embrace the uncertainty

...Enjoy the beauty of becoming


A Space to Be & Love.


I'd love for you to join me in building upon tiny dreams and things. Let's create space to & T R A V E L --- one magical moment at a time. As a seeker of everyday magic, you don't be a tourist at The Magical Field... sign up HERE for occasional email updates and more.

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