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Hawaii | + Creating A Travel Bucket List.

This week's tune to compliment the below {field note}: Jam Here.

"i have arrived
i am home
in the here
in the now
i am solid
i am free
in the ultimate
i dwell."
-Thich Nhat Hanh

1st solo flight

traveling alone

to find myself time and again

where time seemingly stands still.

before departure,

i took a moment asking

where in hawaii do i go?

what do i do?

how does it feel?

i drew my list in the sand.

this list of adventure

ingrained in my mind

then washed away with salted water

as i let go of any expectation, "if", "and" or "but"...

even on a shoestring of a budget,

& a rental car dilemma gone south,

everything orchestrated it's route together.

what was once a dream,

is now captured memory

in 13 days time:


a weekend long conference for work,

followed by play...

here's the island style list

that seemed like one stretched out,


and adventuresome day:

  • -thunder, rain, camping in a tent under an avocado tree with my gecko friends

  • -belladonna flowers larger than my head and almost as sweet as stevie nicks song

  • -the gazebo for a lively combination of fried rice and macadamia nut cakes... topped with coconut syrup (and love?) an hour and a half wait in line reminded me of old stomping grounds at 'the griddle cafe' in LA. wait.worth.every.bite.

  • -banyon trees, rainbow trees and a.lot.a.more trees. i really came to adore these trees. i slept under them. i changed under them. i got a tiny cutting board made from a monkey pod tree on a hana farm that took over one year to dry. oh, the trees to see!

  • -a hike down lava rock with a weathered rope and my heart beat up. contouring around the coastline around sharp rocky features, down below a calm pool hugged by nature below the cliff side. clear with a tint of blue, silence struck me as i swore i had been there in a prior dream.

  • -waihee ridge trail had fresh air and even sweeter horses of the land. named huni and puni, i adored them and we bonded over some crisp, red organic apples.

  • -hearing oprah's live talk about intention, health and wellness to the maui community? pretty fricken inspiring /// every fricken time.

  • -snorkeling with two turtles underwater had me in pure shock. even more blissful was a moment with a turtle on land at sunset... for the record, we gazed into each others eyes and it was magical.

  • -more snorkeling adventure at napili bay, the north shore and slaughterhouse beach. when i close my eyes i still see tropical fish.

  • -circling around west maui circle drive experiencing one way roads with traffic heading both directions. (not always a super fun drive after hearing a guys truck fell off the cliff side earlier in the day, losing a bumper... taking 10 people to pull him back up... yeah, no.)

  • -driving up 6,000 feet to set up camp sleeping under the starlit sky on haleakala. #GemInTheDust

  • sleeping under the starlit sky while shivering in 50 degree weather. or --- shivering with very little sleep but the stars and falling shooting stars that covered the black sky made it all worthwhile. perspective has me like ~~~

  • -driving up 10,023 feet to view the crater and sunrise at 3am

  • -surf movies under the stars, lit by the moon, powered by the sun

  • -maui arts and cultural center for maui film festival... and mantra chanting. i digress...

  • -a black sand beach really does exist. my feet were burning walking among the hot sand. who woulda thought?

  • -farmers market in upcountry... a mean coconut kefir, bomb kombucha, best papaya i've ever had (which is saying a lot for someone who's more of a mango lover in the tropical fruit world)

  • -paia... you city is fiiine.

  • -fresh fish, sushi, poke,

  • -lilikoi! enough said.

  • -while on the whole food side of the list..., scents from the lavender farm led to a warm lavender scone with lavender jelly followed by a road down the mountain to kula lodge with a view for some fresh fire stone pizza and onion soup to warm the soul

  • -road to hana with a bamboo forest, bodies of water and hiking through lush land and mud.

  • -sunflower field frolicking in the sun

  • -makawao and live music

  • -more live music

  • -not enough live music

  • -SUP - stand up paddle boarding - i tried you and i'll try you again.

  • -SPAM

  • -and endless ways to say i am grateful over and over to everyone who made this solo trip worth everything to me. <3 ALOHA~

as the sun approached the horizon, it was time to go.


another flight in,

i've arrived in the red rocks of sedona

i guess you could say

for a work stay and more play.

between my first motorcycle ride and kayaking down the river, i found out in the early infancy of this week that the tiny house will be moving. i've been so grateful to have had land to build on but as it was listed for sale since earlier this summer, it's now awaiting a new family to move in. i hope they enjoy the beauty of the daily crickets, deer and fawn and nightly howls as much as i did! not sure where it will go quite yet or when my flight will be to the northwoods but i will be moving (on wheels) june 26th...

as the style, the retreat, and the book continue to build,

i am reminded of the space in between all of this movement...

to just breathe.

living in the moment

on this traveling journey,

wherever i'm going... i'm already home.

i open my suitcase

to another grain of sand.

another list.

another adventure.

This summer season traveling from Maui to now Sedona is all one long magical absorption of ground and sky. Within the outer fragrances and what unfolds from within, music takes rise into the atmosphere, and there are even hidden instruments.

So it goes,

like the seasons of time,

this mantra-like saying continues --- & T R A V E L

If we don't have our dreams, what do we have? May we continue to focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life, and check every last box effortlessly on our bucket lists!


At The Magical Field, we be explorin' vast open space. If you haven't already, feel free to sign up for a delivery of occasional undiscovered magical moments, musings and behind-the-scenes updates here... you know, to inspire and keep the dream thing alive and well.

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