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The Northwoods | + Setting Up Camp.

This week's complimentary tune : Jam HERE.

It's the place people go to escape, a place made of cabins, pine trees, and lakes. But no matter how far you drive, there's no sign that says "You've arrived." So just follow your heart til you find, your special place that brings peace of mind. As you breathe in the air and unwind, your cares are all left behind. It's no mystery where the northwoods start. When you're "up north," you'll know in your heart. -Suzanne Kindler, 1996

It looks + feels better than I envisioned.

I couldn't be more pleased with

the window placements,

the door to enter,

my makeshift doorknob (for now),

the individual studs,

the finger jam

+ self diagnosed pre-arthritis in my wrist,

everything really.

It has me saying:

Indeed, I do, as you do too.

As I just finished installing a digital keyless door lock in the entry of the tiny,

it's time to break into the house ... Camping that is ...

or glamping I shall say as there was no tent to pitch up.

I wasn't sure what all I'd need ---

a pillow,

a few good books,

a fresh notebook to write to you,

a canteen of water

+ a lantern

+ a flashlight.

I suppose this list is almost half of my possessions now,

being a millennial minimalist of sorts.

I arrived in the field as sun was setting

to set up camp ---

just in time.

But what is time anyway?

As I lay in the gooseneck of Swan Studio,

I can hear the frogs for what sounds like miles.

The vibration of their croaks so loud... but I don't mind.

Down the road my new neighbors have set up their campsite

although I am not eager to meet them quite yet.

Over the long Memorial Weekend, I've had a fair share

of grilling out, campfires + lounging on bodies of water,

out with friends

+ visiting family...

I can smell the sweet aroma of a campfire

+ hear young children running around.

In this space engulfed in all the senses,

it feels good to retreat for a night.

I feel invigorated in this nostalgic realm I've created.

A space where I can simply come to nurture my dreams.

At 9:32 PM there isn't much left for the natural light of the day.

The new moon starts to shine + I hope to sleep with the stars

as it appears the rain clouds have been dissipating.

It still smells like fresh cut wood in the tiny house

so I opened 2 of the awning + casement windows... 4 in total.

At 30% chance of rain, I think I'll keep them open for the night.

The breeze feels awfully nice + cool.

I'm glad to have brought 2 sleeping bags for myself.

There's also a baby fawn with many white spots outside

the front door. I think it's made a new home

as it seems to enjoy laying there

(when a neighboring lawn mower isn't swiping through that is.)

My eyes are heavy at a young hour.

I dream of turning a lawn into a meadow...

but I'll save that for another day.

Goodnight from the loud frogs, the silent fawn, + me

as I sign out here at The Magical Field,

on the 1st night of staying in Swan Studio tiny house on wheels.


Let's continue to surround ourselves with the meaningful "tiny" things we love most. If you haven't already, subscribe here to travel more at The Magical Field.

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