Project Notes | A dREAM Rediscovery

September 9, 2016



Eight months ago I was cleaning and clearing out my apartment in Los Angeles. Within me, I had found an urge so strong to get rid of all belongings other than some basic, bare essentials I would come to need. It was here that I came across a tiny green spiral pocket journal, one that you’d find for 15 cents at a drugstore. As I was taking pictures, digitizing each page of 15 years of journal boxes, I landed across a page within that tiny green spiral pocket journal that was dated in the year of 2012 stating, “I will build a tiny house.”



I decided to keep reading.


It continued, “If I win the $30,000 from the lotto, or come to get $30,000, I am to find an amazing piece of land to become a part of the tiny house movement. To build my own tiny house --- what a fulfilling accomplishment it will be! To have my piano and potter’s wheel, fresh herbs to cook with and a bread maker to bake with... A reading and writing station to organize my concepts and creations… everything in its own poetic eye and place, down to every nail and piece of wood to each thread of fabric. An area to meditate and do yoga. An area to work on my photography and film. To dedicate my waking hours to the creation of mediums from the inspiration of life’s own flow and beauty within space and time and beyond, into the gap where the magic happens.  Where everything “just is.” Ego-less, mind-full thoughts of both passion and struggle – a true feeling for all of life in its fullness as I put blood, sweat and tears from the depth of my inner cells to it's outer creation that I can already so vividly see and feel. I am overwhelmed without explanation. I sit comfortably with this as I write. What better way to live other than through this process of creation? This dream. I know for certain, we each have this creating palate just waiting to be put to canvas. To win the lotto would mean that I would have every reason to live freely and express my life and in turn, maybe inspire others to do so with theirs along the way.” 


Holy Bonkers that's a lot of project notes for a tiny notebook.  I am not sure what lotto I was referring to, but I can say with complete and utter certainty that I didn’t win a dime. I can also say that I'll most likely not have all of these “passions” with items such as a bread maker, potter's wheel, herb garden and piano inside of the tiny house that’s under 400 square feet either. I can say, however that each item in the tiny house will still hold a certain level of meaning as defined above, just with a lot less esoteric jargon attached or written down.


Four years later, I have come to a place where I have downsized, am living out of a suitcase, and just sold my Honda Civic with California plates so I have money to buy a tiny house trailer. Up until this point, the tiny house has been nothing but a dream. A lot has happened since 2012, and I can only come to think that I have been planting a whole lot of seeds to start laying down the growth of a foundation. It's time to set an intention. 

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