Project Sketches | The Beginning Stages of A bLUEPRINT

November 21, 2016

The blueprint of a hand-drawn tiny house plan... Custom and semi drawn to scale.


What once started as sketches, has now birthed into multiple drafts of blueprints.

This blueprinting process has a unique space in my heart.

Starting as a 10+ year old recycled squared sheet of paper,

It’s slowly carved into makeshift, non-erasable, pencil-lined walls

With notings of half worn measurements, fractions and numbers

And drawn-in door + window placements and openings

As materials slowly make way into the material world of collecting, measuring and finding storage space until the physical build begins.


This is my raw material I set to canvas. May these individual collections each have their own fulfilled space + purpose.


With limited space being a critical component, this blueprint and I have really questioned in many sleepless nights our wants vs our needs. 

It'll surely change it's shape + course as "Project Tiny House" organically develops + gathers strands of personality through it's own space + time.


Traveling from fingertips to eraser tips, it's passing current remains strong through loving eyes + voices with feedback + suggestion (and many times contradictions) from family + friends old and new + the local lumber yard. (I don't know how many times I've heard I should just buy a manufactured RV and just "move on with my life.")


Today, this tiny house is nothing more than an 11X16 sheet of coffee stained paper that just got rescued from a fall into the lake. Faded + damp, it sits by my side under the sun rays to dry.


As I watch the ripple effect expand in water, I think to myself, this plan still exists and just for today that is enough.


The blueprint of a hand-drawn tiny house plan... Custom and semi drawn to scale.


P.S. For those of you drawing your own blueprint, be it a tiny house blueprint or a blueprint for life, I have found it’s ultra important to get as specific as possible on the foundation you're working with. This goes beyond setting an intention. For example, I knew what kind of trailer I was thinking in terms of size and style, which is all in the next article, Trailer | fOUNDATION. However, because I did not yet know the exact size or the exact trailer parked directly in front of me, the foundation was not concrete. If I could offer a piece of advice, I’d say to get the trailer first --- AKA, know your foundation. Then the exact details are known, tailored to your very own blueprinting, mind mapping, design driven process and ultimately saving your precious + valuable time in the long run.


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