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February 14, 2017

"Ultimately, A Space to Be & Love is about simply allowing more time to be present to the things we love most." -#InTheField


Here I was, going from one 9-5 job to another. None of them fulfilling me on every level of my being but I had to make ends meet. I found myself in school, out of school and back again. I’m a 3x college dropout.

This life I was living was the opposite of what freedom felt for me. I was tired of feeling stuck, I knew I wanted so much more and I knew I didn’t want to live an over-scheduled life of needing a vacation away from my life. I just knew my 9-5 days would have to come to an end. 

But how? What would I do if I don’t have money to pay my bills? How would I survive? So many questions began circling around in my head. I needed a plan.

So I worked full time and went to school full time, putting in eighty hours per week on average. I saved every dime I could. This lasted all of two years before I physically, mentally and emotionally hit a breaking point. (I didn’t say it would be a good plan.)


There had to be another way.

Because life isn’t about paying bills and then dying, I decided to quite my grownup job and left my grown up Hollywood apartment in the city. I walked away from my six figure job opportunity and said goodbye to my Prius, 5 closets of vintage, “fast fashion” and designer clothing. I let go of being connected 24-7 to my phone, social media and television. I let go of over 90% of my furniture and possessions along with everything else that didn’t carry a certain level of meaning to me.  I even let go of my hair, chopping it all off to find it's natural color and growth again.  


Living from a suitcase and couch surfing from one place, city and state to another, I began a traveling journey, returning to nature. After a year of exploring, I did what I never saw coming. I made the big move from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles to a more quiet and serene place in The Northwoods. Although a large part of me is still on the West Coast, here I am, back to my roots and experimenting with the notion of living back to basics.


By now, you might be asking why I did this; why I moved and left all that I worked so hard for behind. Especially when I had everything I thought I’d ever wanted, at least from what appeared on the outside.


Throughout my life, I’ve moved just about more than my ten fingers and toes can count but for some reason, the move of 2,027 miles has been my easiest yet. Perhaps this has something to do with me now being a millennial minimalist of sorts. Or perhaps it's in the magic of following the heart?


 “You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. … Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”  -Steve Jobs


There was this tiny tugging that’s always taken place since I was little, designing and selling clothes on the playground with fake hang-tags and fake money to go around. What’s real, is this inner burning desire that never really went away. These are my tiny dreams and things, and now, I am done pushing them aside. I’m moving closer to these dreams one moment at a time. I simply started this movement to travel closer in the direction of my heart. 


The movement I speak about is to follow this path even when that means I don’t have it all figured out. And even when I don’t always have the funds or the answer right in front of me, I’m creating more space for time and resources. I am an entrepreneur working 80 hours a week so I don’t have to work 40 hours a week punching a time clock for someone else’s dream ever again.

“You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” -John Lennon


As I sit here writing, it's the dead of winter. Everything is colder and more crisp. Everything moves slower here. I’ve enjoyed this internal retreat over the long winter after traveling this past year and into the new year of 2017 but it's time to get moving again as I lay a foundation to build A Space to Be & Love.


I'm laying a new foundation having moved to more of a grounding home base after being a traveling gypsy nomad in 2016. In addition, a trailer is laying a foundation for a tiny house to be built.  It would only make sense that The Magical Field is laying a foundation too.  Within all of the movement, there will be a lot of changes in store for the website, tiny dreams and things, along with lots and lots of building going down...


Here’s what’s building:


The build of a blog space #InTheField, documenting tiny dreams and things weekly. 


The Blog | a tiny labor of love with a camera and pen in hand, traveling, sharing and connecting on a journey #InTheField, documenting field notes and present happenings moving in the direction of defining what it means to build A Space to Be & Love.

I am building a tiny house on wheels based solely on a dream, a lil bit of stubbornness, and no prior construction background.

The Retreat | a tiny house on wheels out in The Northwoods being built from the ground up as A Space to Be & Love will act as a retreat to reconnect with nature, along with expanding inner tiny dreams and things #InTheField. 

I am redefining the labels of clothing and the labels we place upon ourselves as women. I believe there is a way to wear good, starting on the inside… so I’m building a new model in the old, over saturated and over airbrushed Fashion Industry as a way to evoke reflection to #WearGood.


The Style | a tiny way to bring more to your life-style with less clutter. Through a transparent process, it’s about redefining the way we feel about the clothes we wear, starting on the inside, one moment and one item of clothing being built upon at a time as A Space to Be & Love.


A Space to Be & Love… if you haven’t already noticed, well - there are many. In fact, this space is endlessly evolving. Each space looks and feels different. It just takes people like me and you to create and build more space, reconnecting with our tiny dreams and things, moving closer to where our hearts tug us to go… We certainly need more of this in a time where our leaders, our rights, and the companies we’ve been told to trust are challenging us more than ever.


The movement is about connecting with nature, both inside and out. Concerned about the future of our planet, we demand new systems and sustainable models that act in responsible ways. The more we know, the less we need. It’s about preserving what’s good and owning fewer things but really good things from good people. Within life’s greater rhythm, we’re dancing to our own beat, taking the road less traveled. Ultimately, it’s about simply allowing more time to be present to the things we love most and that’s what creating A Space to Be & Love is all about.


Within The Magical Field, it's my hope we’ll each define and redefine many times over what it means to individually create A Space to Be & Love of our own, be it in our homes, wardrobes, or life, one (magical) moment, picture and word at a time.

Disclosure for Dreamers, Misfits and Explorers: There’s never a good time to begin following your dreams. In fact, this dream is going to disrupt your current way of living, shaking things up a little bit.  In many ways, everything in your life is going to change from the point you start following your dream. It will change many times over and you won’t have any idea of how it’ll all play out.

(It's ok. Do it anyways... Click HERE to join The Movement, traveling #InTheField)


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