A Pause Between The Daily Planner & To-Do List

April 4, 2017

Here I was, sitting down beside a glass mason jar of water to write in my 2017 Recycled Tree Planner, Handmade in Colorado with paper from certified forests. The warm sun beating in through the window got me thinking about the last of the windows I had just collected for project tiny house. There will be 15, including a skylight.

I laid the windows out in a long assembly line. Unlike the line of robotic manufacturing, each and every one of them came from someone who no longer had use for them. The window search of 6+ months feels good knowing there is a second life for them all.


Back to my planner. April. An exciting time, a challenging time, an unstable time.


The excitement:

This month I plan to build the entire shell of the tiny house...

4 exterior walls (plus a gooseneck)

along with rough openings for 15 windows and one entry door

to be hinged

and swung open

into more of what will house A Space to Be & Love.


The challenge: 

This month I plan to build the entire shell of the tiny house!


The instability:

This month I will be searching for land to put the tiny house shell on. Right now, this is one. major. question. mark.


The building, design and materials needed are endlessly long with things-to-do, to-do-lists, and more. I feel as if I’m replacing a light fixture that held a 100 watt bulb for an intense 1000 watt one. Before opening my planner to plan away week one plans, two, three and four plans, I glanced down, saw a ladybug and paused.


It was here that I began counting the ladybugs dots which then had me simply counting my own blessings, windows, and windows of opportunity. I am reminded in the ladybugs presence of the dream seeds planted. This new April landscape is birthing it's way out in nature as my inner dreams begin to sprout and grow (and build) too.


I am sometimes surprised by the simple delight that the magic of nature shares. It has me touching one hand to the heart, one to the Earth, and in between - there just happens to be tons and tons of ladybug-like sparkles. In this moment, despite all of the tiny house nuts and bolts, I see a mason jar of water half full.

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