Drafting the structure of your Dreams.

April 11, 2017

Once upon a time, my grandpa Tom built houses with my dad. They named their work space, “Moullette Development.” After the 2008 economic crash, they stopped building houses. As one chapter closed, my dad changed the work space to “Moullette Group.”

When I was a tiny thing, I’d stay up at night, study their blueprints and those of Architectural Digest, drafting up my own vision and versions of various tee-pees, yurt-like sanctuaries, magical forts and tree houses. I dreamed to build one of my own someday and have it simply be a space where I could just come to Be. (& Love.)


After many sketches and ideas of a blueprint, coffee stained and fallen into the lakeside, I have finally landed upon a draft that just might work. You see, there were a lot of components that needed to present themselves, including the scavenger hunt to find windows and doors. Here’s the current plan:

And then after many collaborations with amazing women, we singled down a design for our first ever Naked + Numeric eco-tee. You can get in on all the details here, (if you haven’t yet signed up for Magical Moments.) It’ll be quite flattering with it’s mindfully placed lines sewn with silky soft organic threads.

Teaming up with a local badass of a patternmaker outside of the Twin Cities, we have our first blueprint of a clothing pattern made:

Today, I wear Grandpa’s worn in jean jacket that was a hand-me-down. It’s a little large and boxy, but the meaning behind it fits just right. It’s also a good feeling to know there were potentially up to 1,800 gallons of water saved by not buying a brand new one.

It is here that I stand on top of a foundation that I’m attempting to build; project tiny house. I have a few imperfect drafts,  and just for today, drafting is enough.

I am enough. You are enough. Our dreams are enough.


I can’t quite tell you how everything will come together quite yet. It’s a bit of a mystery as I ride in the night, headlights only reaching a distance so far. Through the movement forward however, I see lots of magical stars above me as I look up, and the pieces are molding together moment by moment, within each “development” and “grouping.” One things for certain within my current workplace; project tiny house needs a name!


What can you draft today that will take your dream into a dream that’s drafted and wrote down on paper? Complimentary field notes: Project Notes | A Dream Rediscovery, and  Tiny House | Setting An Intention.

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