Finding space+freedom to reclaim the simple life.

May 3, 2017

For years I would drive from one car garage to another parking garage. Punching in and out of work, my time was dictated and measured many times right down to the second. Too much. Too chaotic.


In this busy life of rushing from one thing to the next, there is this space in between that keeps me coming back to the present moment. A silent, nostalgic feeling that feels natural. It's simple. 


In this almost surreal state of cultivating more and more routines that play around the seasons, it is here that I cannot see a better way for life to get lived, living with the land, listening to my inner landscape of breath and heart.


This feeling has me wanting to continue learning how to do countless verbs like


bake bread,

carve wooden spoons,

dip candles

throw clay pottery

make my own clothes

sometimes use no commas in writing,

or plus signs for "and",

+ occasionally leave (run-on) sentences ended without a period (.)



I have to admit though, life in an instant gratification and quick fix world as we know it isn't always simple. I'm sure we can all agree there could potentially be hidden to-do lists under countless other lists of ours and inboxes with unread messages that always seem to grow.  


So wherever we're at, and no matter what we are juggling,

how can we reclaim our growth and freedom, one magical moment at a time?




We have this space.


In between our stimulus and response there is this space.

In this space is an opportunity to choose our response, versus a reaction.

In our response lies the magic of our possibility for growth and freedom.


"Ah." -Breath


It is in this space where we can allow for us to focus on what matters the most to us, right here right now. 




Magical Moments.


"Once you need less, you will have more."


i like simple things. 



music and records.

gentle conversation.

no conversation at all.

connecting with my food.

a gratitude journal.

oversized mugs.




-- it's refreshing to know i don't need much.


Will you write a list with me in this space?

Maybe just start with one or two things.




“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver

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