The silence of growing things.

May 16, 2017

"You have to find that place that brings out the human in you,

the soul in you,

the love in you." -r.m. drake


the ole winter hibernation...

a season to plot + plan.


& then spring steps in with a spring!


buds sprout

as the color of new is in the air.

the birds chirp & 

clouds are full


it's time to move.


i said to myself,

"i think it's time to build a tiny house."



Once Upon A Time,

a sound + secure sub-floor was built from the ground up.


within this foundation

created space for more helping hands...



of this tiny house,

is a feeling of Being 



with the sun + shade,

wildflowers in the middle of nowhere,

a winding dirt road

leading to trickling water


it certainly cannot be done in one picture.

here i can hear

the silence of growing things

in a field of 1000 dandelions, i made a wish

for the space to pause, tune inward, + envision this craving;

... to just breathe & Be.


in this moment,

i'm reminded of the importance of space

that can allow us to close our eyes

to truly see.


In the silence of growing things,







...Trust the wait

...Embrace the uncertainty

...Enjoy the beauty of becoming




A complimentary tune for this weeks {field note} by Cat Stevens : Jam HERE

In the mood to read more? Here's a more "grownup" article on creating room for space through the process of decluttering from this weeks fun collaboration with my ole Los Angeles neighbors, @TheGoodTrade : Read HERE. 

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