Let's dream.build.breathe.repeat.& Travel

June 7, 2017

dream.build.breathe.repeat. & T R A V E L

(It’s a mantra said often here in the field.)


In the process of the to-do lists and the day-to-day bureaucracies and details, this mantra brings me back to the big picture of what I want to create and manifest into existence for this thing called life. It keeps me in balance on the days I have too much work. It reminds me to keep dreaming, even if I can’t see it all right before me.


Today, I want to dive a little more into this mantra saying, what it feels like and means to me, and how I choose to live through it. I invite you to use this mantra as often as you’d like, or make one of your own that fits your very own Space to Be & Love just right.


man·tra /ˈmantrə/ noun --- a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

We are all streaming our own reality really. It’s not like we see the world out there and are independent of it. Daily, we have a choice to create, we have space to make, and we can find meaning around everything we do. Our eyes don’t see the world, our eyes project the world.  It’s all in accordance to our own stresses, joys, perspective and dreams.


"You have to dream before your dreams can come true." -- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


Following our dreams is most certainly not as easy as what the movies make it appear. It doesn't take a few mere hiccups and an hour and a half until we get exactly what we wanted. In fact, we usually never get exactly what we envisioned, right? That would probably be a pretty big bore. 


Beyond the Hollywood conventional narrative script is a mysterious path that can be long, challenging and quite unexpected. This doesn't mean it has to be hard or feel forced. In fact, it should feel quite the opposite, feeling natural and almost effortless because we love what were doing and believe in what we are doing... just enough to let go of any resistance so we can enjoy the process and get excited creating run-on sentences and such. I firmly believe if we allow space for the pursuit of our dreams to breathe, it can come together even more magically than we ever expect. 


"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -Roald Dahl


In the field,

There's a time to dream

& a time to build.

When the building feels complete

there's a moment to breathe

... to soak in all the effort made ...

before dreaming repeats once again in an ongoing cycle.


In between all of the expanding + contracting (& magical moments)

    is the journey itself; A traveling escapade!

to explore

to see with new eyes

to discover

to Be able to weave together more time 

to Be present with the tiny things we love most.

          A Space

to Be

          & Love.


To dream.build.breathe.repeat. & T R A V E L.


As what was once a dream turned into a napkin of a blueprint is a standing tiny house on wheels that now has foundational walls and a roof. As my neck is stiff and my feet are sore, it's time to stop building and take a moment to breathe.


Within this magical moment,

I moved my arms through the calm water. It’s chilling stream brought me fully alive to the present moment, I am here now. On the glass-like water I see reflections of the trees and look down at the water that looks back at me. A peaceful content. I can always be here when I want to be here.


Within this space,

A Space to Be & Love, provides more space to dream.


i envision a long, windy road 

with lush green forest

+ a sideways oceanview landscape on a paddle board

balancing to stay afloat 

as i do yoga to the mantra

~dream.build.breathe.repeat. & Travel.

farmers market + good conversation

with a ukulele in the background

i see mangos+coconuts+pineapples for days 

and a tiny VW van with all the camp essentials.


In this daydream, I wonder if this is what Hawaii feels like. I have yet to go so I do not know but I'll know soon enough... For I am dreaming to manifest this into fruition. I’m feeling drawn to this magical island.

But how? Can Hawaii really be done on a budget? I immediately stop this questioning as I remind myself it doesn’t need to be old, conventional way of booking, staying and traveling. Why waste my energy on having to know or worry how everything is going to happen? There are a million and one ways it can all piece together.


I asked myself how I can show up responsibly. You know, that adulating stuff that covers all the bases. I remembered I had free airline miles I’d been saving the last two years. I asked myself to try and remember what I was “saving” these miles for. In a questioning daze, I glanced at todays Kombucha glass and my eye caught a few words on the bottled text. I read aloud, “You are meant to take up space. Own it.”


So I did my part. A last minute flight has been booked. Now, there are many things unseen and undiscovered from the outside looking in but it is in this space is where the magic happens.

The Magical Field. There's nothing magical about it. But there is this sort of everyday magic we can make for ourselves. It's within the alchemy of visualizing and projecting ourselves into living a life of our wild + precious dreams... and it all starts with a dream. 


Regardless of where the path of following our dreams takes us, how can it not be worthwhile? As the wildest of dreamers say, the experience of following dreams is often more full of reward and enlightening magical moments than the achievement or end result of the dreams themselves.

So my fellow explorers, continue to dream.build.breathe.repeat.& T R A V E L meaningful places close within your heart, cultivating your very own Space to Be & Love. If you haven't already, you can subscribe here to explore more undiscovered magical moments in the field. 


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