Let there be light | Tiny House Electricity

June 14, 2017

This week's (bringing back the 90's) tune to compliment the {field note}: Jam Here.


"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light." - Theodore Roethke


wire. lots of yellow wire.

some upcycled | some new

untangling it all,

so it can be used.


pulling strands of wire through pre-drilled holes in the wall and ceiling studs, i wondered whether any or all of the wired outlets will work. as i strip wires, i think about the time it's taken to gather an electrical plan for each of the outlets & lighting.


now? i just want to see it all come together! i crossed my fingers as i hoped for electricity to light up the tiny house.


test 1: nothing.

test 2: different outlet. nothing.

test... : a moment breath to rethink the connection of electricity.


test 3: 


highlight of  the day!


there is still much wiring to be done for project tiny house but in this moment, my eyes lit up like a child... & i was proud to have learned something new. i felt like i was seeing all new colors for the first time again.



Remember, you have all the tools inside you to electrify your dream at any given moment. Keep testing. Keep questioning. Keep taking baby steps. The Magical Field challenges you to be the light, or the flower... or whatever it is that makes your heart (legally) beat a little faster.

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