How to make space for intention.

August 10, 2017

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“As we continue to experience, expand and evolve, we’re presented with more fields of wide open space to create in. The challenge is to not jump to fill this space with mediocrity or allow shrinking back to what’s easy or comfortable. What if we only held space for what gives us goosebumps and lights us up from within? To scream YES to nothing less than what makes us feel effing aliveness... where the magic happens… you are it… go for it.”


What a ride of a lifetime! Did you see the tiny house on wheels cruisin’ down the Wisconsin back roads? I was right behind it with my head peeking out of a rolled down car window, excited as a dog with a smile I just couldn’t hide (watch video here.)


After the reclaimed vinyl siding figured its way onto the exterior walls and Swan Studio got moved to new territory, there were a few days Mother Nature blessed us with sunshine to put up more of the exterior siding.

So here I am, chillin’ on my makeshift tiny house stoop taking a self-portrait with the new reclaimed cedar vinyl shakes in place!


The shakes are left over from other housing projects through the years that didn’t make way to finding a home. After rummaging through the material and its different colors, I picked up a gallon of “Urban Bronze” and went to town painting these bad boys.


Checking in with myself, I wanted to make sure this movement would continue as smooth, seamless and adventuresome as possible, preferably with as little paint fumes as possible! Taking a moment to ask how I felt, my wrists were definitely going through a rough phase of feeling like I developed pre-arthritis from all the seemingly endless layers of lines that one 2.5 inch brush goes over… and over, and over. So I stopped, sat in the grass with the ladybugs and created space to dream of where I would go next.


Now, this was before my life had moved in 24 short hours. This is before I took a stoop self-portrait. This is before the rain started to pour… and luckily right after I finished painting.


With double rainbows having me in awe, I made an intention for the next of my dreams; to have an eco-friendly, nourishing and magical space I could call home.


Whether you’re dreaming of stomping through rain puddles, turning your craft into a business or building your forever home, it all starts with a simple intention, starting with the magical moment of Now. Here’s my take on the art of intention, how it’s worked for me and how it can maybe come to work for you too.


Have you ever felt like your day, week or month has slipped by? Have you ever heard someone say that time moves by way too fast? This is what can happen when we don’t allow for intentions to work for us in our daily lives.


Everything begins with an intention. If you don’t have it, you’re setting sail blindly, where the waters can and will direct your course. However, when you set an intention to guide you, you know where you want to go and the power of intention can guide you in the right direction.


But what does intention really mean? Setting an intention activates your receptivity and magical moments in a powerful way. What this ultimately does is help you to manifest and actualize that which is desired, whether that be physically tangible or not, by intending to attract or call it into your life.


To first identify your intention, you will first check in with your inner nature. A dream is far more likely to exist if it is aligned with what is for your greatest good. Therefore, it’s important to sit with your intention until it feels just right.


It would be easy to just make a long list of all that you want and desire. In fact, you could probably do it blindly! However, when you check in as suggested, you begin to see and access what it is that you seek in a new form of acceptance. 


Next, you will begin to set your intention by announcing it. It is important to be in the right frame of mind when doing so. Thoughts of abundance are appropriate versus feeling poorly or scarce.


Lastly, it is important to remind yourself of your intentions so they remain on the forefront of your mind. As you go about your schedule, your day, or your activity, check in with yourself with a hand over your heart, and ask whether your actions are intentional or not in the direction of your dreams.


Every time you set an intention and see it be brought into existence, you are experiencing a magical moment. It is something that you created with the power of your thoughts, and it was through your action that it came to be. Next time you become aware of one of these magical moments, breathe into it as you connect to yourself, giving thanks for your awareness and its existence.



The difference between childhood and adulthood is the ability to put your dreams into action. The Magical Field is to remind our inner child to still believe, while the adult in us can act. As a full time traveler in the field, it’s my intention to leave you with something in each field note – a thought, an idea, a new perspective, a question after the experience of reading or a new view that can hopefully be seen just as relevant next month or three years from now. You can sign up HERE to get magical moment emails delivered straight to your inbox so you don’t have to be a tourist traveling here.

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