Materials Round 1 | Hands on, learning to build in baby steps.

February 28, 2017

It's the last day of February? Seriously. I question how quickly time has appeared to go so far this year.


Along with a lot of moving, there's been a lot of learning. No matter how much preparation I have done for the tiny house this past year and years before,  I am coming to find it really means very little. That is, unless this preparation is moved from the brain space and out into tangible, hands on work in the real world!


Now that the tiny house trailer is on a more solid piece of land, it's time for some building action. (Mind you, I have no prior construction experience so this is not a blog to get advice on any form of building at all whatsoever!) The first stage of project tiny house is building a subfloor, which includes many layers and acts as a foundation for warmth and leaving out the critters. I'll get into more details on the layers in a future post, however for now, the first step is framing.


Down to the lumberyard I went! My first time getting acquainted with so many sizes and types of lumber, I went in knowing I would need treated 2x4's and 3" galvanized deck screws. One credit card swipe later, out came the supplies with a little lifting and hauling, safety glasses and a circle saw on, a screw gun, pencil and measuring tape in hand, I'm now learning how to build the first of many floor joists for the tiny house retreat.

 The first floor frame is complete. And always time for a Wisconsin reward after a hard day of work! #rootbeerfloat #microbrewed


On the topic of materials, the naked style has been on a search across the US for the perfect eco-fabric for our first t-shirt with a conscience. I can't wait to show you more soon. Keep an eye out for future pics or get all the updates (and magical moments) delivered once a week by subscribing here.

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