Project Tiny House, night 1 camp out.

May 30, 2017

It looks + feels better than I envisioned.


I couldn't be more pleased with

the window placements, 

the door to enter,

my makeshift doorknob (for now),

the individual studs,

the finger jam

+ self diagnosed pre-arthritis in my wrist,

     everything really.


It has me saying:

As I just finished installing a digital keyless door lock in the entry of the tiny, 

it's time to break into the house ... Camping that is ...

or glamping I shall say as there was no tent to pitch up.


I wasn't sure what all I'd need ---

a pillow,

a few good books,

a fresh notebook to write to you,

a canteen of water

+ a lantern

+ a flashlight.

I suppose this list is almost half of my possessions now,

being a millennial minimalist of sorts.


I arrived in the field as sun was setting

to set up camp ---

just in time.


But what is time anyway?

As I lay in the gooseneck of Swan Studio,

I can hear the frogs for what sounds like miles.

The vibration of their croaks so loud but I don't mind.


Down the road my new neighbors have set up their campsite

although I am not eager to meet them quite yet.


Over the long Memorial Weekend, I too have had my fair share

on bodies of water, grilling out, + campfires

out with friends

+ visiting family.


I can smell the sweet aroma of a campfire

+ hear young children running around.

In this space engulfed in all the senses,

it feels good to retreat for a night.


I feel invigorated in this nostalgic realm I've created.

I call it A Space to Be & Love.

At 9:32 PM there isn't much left for the natural light of the day.

The new moon starts to shine
+ I hope to sleep with the stars

as it appears the rain clouds have been dissipating.  


It still smells like fresh cut wood in the tiny house

so I opened 2 of the awning + 2 of the casement windows.

At 30% chance of rain, I think I'll keep them open for the night.


The breeze feels awfully nice + cool.

I'm glad to have brought 2 sleeping bags for myself.


There's also a baby fawn with many white spots outside

the front door. I think it's made a new home

as it seems to enjoy laying there 

(when a lawn mower isn't swiping through.)


My eyes are heavy at a young hour.


Goodnight from the loud frogs, the silent fawn, + me

as I sign out of the field

Project Tiny House, night 1 camp out.


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