Tell me, what does being off-grid look & feel like to you?

March 14, 2017

For most of last week, I was off the grid. This was partially because of my 2012, Stone-Age-of-a-cellphone that has “personality” and partially because (my more intuitive, less logical self) just wanted to. For me, it always feels like a breath of fresh air when I’m able to simply allow for more space between the daily to-do lists and thoughts, disconnecting from the mainstream media, clutter and distractions to simply just “be” in connection with nature.

After putting my lack of tiny house building skills to the test, I’ve been on an ongoing material hunt for rest of the subfloor and tiny house retreat. I am on a penny-pitching budget and yet want to be as sustainable as I can. There are so many decisions to make and I’ve been weighing pro’s and con’s of what I should buy locally, supporting small business and what I should purchase that’s more eco-friendly, but also means a farther drive with more gas. I’m trying my best to look at the tiny house holistically, sustainability dependent on a multitude of conditions and variables within the environment itself.


I recently listened to an interview with Lorraine Sanders, and understand when she says, “Everyone has different opinions and debates of what makes something truly sustainable.” With varying differences, there is no one way to be sustainable. I can only measure the degree of sustainability (whether that be with the retreat | the style | the blog) in comparison to what was done yesterday, and what can be improved upon or looked at differently today.


Speaking of the naked style, we’ve been on a search high and low for the past month finding the best fabrics in the US. They all feel good and amazingly soft, and what even feels better is that they are eco-friendly. For those of you who receive magical moments to your inbox, I sent you an (under 3 minute) video on the life cycle of our fabrics and where on Earth they come from. If you are not subscribed but would still like to watch, you can find the video on Facebook here

I wish I could share with you a photo of The Northwoods after it rained this week but I had no lens in hand. I couldn’t help but just drive + look + stop + be in complete awe. Part of the off-grid experience I suppose. I did, however have my phone with me this weekend, and was able to snap a photo of an old, abandoned 1950’s school bus. With its tires rooted deeply into the earth, it had nestled into a home in the middle of nowhere… Or perhaps everywhere, for the habitat of another fellow “off-grider.” Within the bus, there was a sink, a place to rest a head or two, and a stove.  Just enough to create A Space to Be & Love.

As it snowed again this week, the tiny house build is on hold. My patience is being tested as I contain my excitement, lumber and nails back. All I can think is that I cannot not listen to Mother Nature…


Sometimes, it is in nature where we are able to find answers within. Perhaps this is due to the significant amount of scientific research that suggests nature is good for us. Perhaps the answers are more readily available because we’re more readily available to receive them. I don’t have a definite answer to why nature connects me to a deeper, more peaceful part of me, but it does feel pretty magical. Just as I write this, an eagle soars above me and I somehow feel reassured with these words. Feeling connected. And free.


Just as there are many opinions and ways to be sustainable, there are many ways to define being off-grid. I’d like to hear what being off-grid means to you. (You can subscribe to magical moments here if you haven't already, sending me a picture, quote, hilarious youtube video or share an experience #InTheField that you or someone you know had/has off-grid. Either way, I’d love to hear your positive message.)

“Between ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” 

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