Trailer Part 2 | A Solid Foundation

February 20, 2017

There it was. 30’ long by 8’6 wide, with an extended 8’ gooseneck. I had finally manifested a trailer for the tiny house project that was in plain sight.  


A meeting had been set between the seller and I to meet in a city called Weston, Wisconsin. Apparently there are two Weston, Wisconsin’s and so after driving around the state a little, a late date later, we had finally met.  I negotiated below my budget, it got accepted, and one call later with beer and delivery cash, I was driving back down to (the more Southern) Weston, Wisconsin with mad determination to get the tiny house 30’ gooseneck trailer. 


Let’s back up a moment. Before the search began for the tiny house trailer,  I simply needed land to build it on. No building permits would be necessary for the build because it’s mobile and not considered a permanent structure, however, the land itself had to be conducive for the build.


Very excited, the soon-to-be trailer and I had our land to build on that was on the outskirts of the city limits of Rice Lake, right off highway 48 that also happened to be the city I was born and raised. I thought it could be a great centralized area where friends and family could swing by and see the progress of the build (or offer helping hands on occasion!) 

Creating space in preparation for the trailer and land, down went some donated concrete bricks that lined up for the trailers wheels to rest upon. This was in attempt to keep the wheels from sinking into the elements. Then, I had to find the right truck (3/4 or 1 ton flat bed or pickup) for hauling the trailer.


It ended up that my cousin and her husband had the right truck for hauling, and I had beer, gas and food for their day and time covered! The drive was a tad bumpy with the weight of the load pulling behind on some old pothole highways, as you can see in the video, but after a few hours down to Weston and back, we were on the land and ready to drive the trailer straight to it’s new concrete blocked location. 


Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan.  The land was a complete swamp, and apparently the truck hauling the trailer didn’t like the land too much so stuck down in the ground it was! On top of that, it was a Sunday... during football season... and there was no way we were missing a Green Bay Packers game.

A few phone calls later, we tried chains and trucks with some good Midwestern Samaritans trying to get the stuck truck pulled out of the muck. Sometime later, a tractor showed up (only in Wisconsin!) After a few yanks and pulls, the truck came out. The trailer remained on the swamp land. And so although I may have had a solid foundation of a trailer, I had to begin a search of finding a more solid ground.

As the search for solid ground began, so did winter. At this time and heading into the holiday season, I questioned whether it would be wise to start the build after I had seen the first snow fall. I still had my belongings in storage in Los Angeles, and was thinking of moving there as a snowbird for the winter, coming back to The Northwoods after it would warm up to continue the build of The Retreat. Humming The Clash tune, "Should I Stay or Should I Go" at a progressively rapid rate, I needed to find some answers and decide on where a solid ground of my very own would be over this long upcoming winter.

After a lot of moving, both mentally and physically, all I knew was that I'm creating more of A Space to Be & Love. It's as if this became my mantra through some challenging times and days of movement. The movement, however had to continue as there is no other way in A Space to Be & Love other than simply following my dreams, being present with trying my best to allow for my heart to guide me.


After sometime couch surfing and feeling unsettled, I still somehow felt at home, and thank Santa Claus, the answers were finally revealed! This led me to return to my roots, establishing my Wisconsin residency as I moved into a new home with solid land that I am so grateful and appreciative for. And so the solid foundation of the 2012 salvage trailer had solid ground to soon begin the (attempted) build of Project Tiny House. Solid for now, I'm enjoying this moment.



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