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December 29, 2017

This week's musical tune to compliment the {field note} below as you read, make a vision board or do what you please: Jam Here.


I remember the first time I made a vision board. Over ten years ago now, I was sitting cross-legged in a circle with others and in front of us were piles of magazines, a few glue sticks and a big white poster board I could call my own. I didn’t really understand the purpose of creating one of these collages, but I was in a creative mood and curious to begin.


I cut out images, quotes and words that resonated with me and then glued them concrete onto the paper. After a few laughs and some tea, me and my vision board were on our way out the door and it made its way into a new door; my bedroom closet tucked behind all my clothes. A couple years later, I was moving to a new address, packing, cleaning and clearing out my belongings. As I got to the back of my closet, I was surprised at what I saw.


Right before my eyes --- an old vision board. On that board was every image that was cut and pasted and I saw that every one of the images had actualized in real life. In that magical moment, I decided that these visual collages would surely have to become a new way to cast my dreams into existence.


Here’s how you can get started with a vision board of your own today:


1. Start with an intention. As Mary Oliver pens with one of my all-time favorite quotes, “What is it you choose to do with your one wild and precious life?” Think about it and write it down.


2. Choose one subject. I find it works best when I categorize my vision boards into their own realm. Here are a few different topics that you can choose from to get started.

  • Home

  • Finances

  • Health (Mind and Body)

  • Spiritual

  • Relationships (Friends, Partner, Family)

  • Travel and Adventure

  • Daily Life (Hobbies and Personal Growth)


3. Gather your supplies. You’ll first need something to paste images to. I have personally had vision boards large and small, placed inside of my journals, on poster boards and even a cork board. Next, you’ll need glue, rubber cement, pins, tape or anything else that’s sticky enough to apply your photos to your board. With a pair of scissors, or a good hand to tear out pages with, begin to browse through beautiful magazines or books.


4. Create A Space to Be & Love. Are you creating your vision board by yourself or with others? Do you prefer a quiet, peaceful space or one with music and more energy? Work in whatever cherished space is best for your comfort, relaxation (and supplies!) so you can allow yourself to tap into your desired dreams. I usually prefer a large open space on the floor but a table is a solid choice too.


5. Discover what lights you up. As you open your curiosity by browsing through pages of words and pictures, which ones resonate? Cut them out. Do they contain a sense of emotion or feeling that align with your initial intention? Say no to any second tier dreams for now and simply begin to arrange the cutouts that feel good and in alignment with your focused subject/dream on your board. Before pasting, I usually move things around until I have all my desired images that create the entire vision. This can include any highlights, desired growth or action ideas I have. Any leftover pictures get stored in my vision board file folder that can be used later.


6. Find a home for your new board. Because this is an exercise that is entirely visual, I recommend placing your vision board in a place you can see it on a regular basis. Not only does it serve as a visual reminder of what dreams you have but can also allow for you to connect and work toward it. I personally like to refer to my vision board when I want to get inspired. In doing so, I reawaken my intention, see where I am currently at with living through these intentions, and assess what I can mindfully do or have responsibility with in moving forward.



This is a vision board I created back when I lived in Los Angeles. At the time, I was working 80-hour work weeks and wondered how on earth I could come to have the time, money or resources to travel. Well, long story short, this board ironically traveled with me thousands of miles, laying at the bottom of my suitcase and over the past year, I’ve traveled more than I had in my entire life.


The first thing I put up in Swan Studio after the walls and roof were built was this vision board. It continues to remind me of one of the many reasons why I continue to rediscover my love for this movement on wheels in the first place.


"Wisdom tells me I am nothing, love tells me I am everything. Between the two, my life flows." -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


Next stop? Here’s a few vision board pictures below hinting at where I'll be flying to tomorrow ;)


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