The Power of Visualization

September 10, 2017

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“Get lost in nature. Just wander. When all things are magical, nothing is ordinary. Explore to create in this vast open space.”


I cannot tell you enough how good it feels to have a home to park the tiny house, Swan Studio. However, although the tiny house has been camp-friendly, it’s going to take a lot more building and magical moments until we see it as a temporary dwelling in the full form of a magical retreat. Because of such, even though I believe I’m at home wherever I am, I too have been in search for a new address.


As always, I wanted to further explore what it would be like (in this case, to find a home) when magical moments lead the way. I knew I didn’t want to be sucked into angst, busyness, impatience, fear or negative social pressures along this quest (I have found that trying to move in the direction of my dreams when these emotions arise never does me much good.) Instead, I decided I would take a different approach to finding my humble abode.


After I had set an intention to find a place I could call home, I slowed down to create space. Sometimes, in order to do so, I like to be out in nature. With the sunshine beating down on my skin, I began to visualize what my home would feel like.


I needed it to be a safe space for me to live and work from. I desired it to be warm and cozy, nourishing and friendly to the environment around me, and most importantly, have enough space for new dreams to unfold within life’s everyday magic. I had faith that my new home would be better than anything I could have imagined, and from there, I simply let go.


After visualizing, I kept my eyes and ears open for magical moments to lead me to my intended and expected dream home. Although I wasn’t exactly sure what this new home would look like, I carried a certain feeling inside of me with how I wanted my home to be. From here, I was open to any conversational breakthroughs, synchronistic experiences, words or songs that would bring me to an ah-ha moment, or to things that would simply light me up.


And that was it! I kept my dream alive, made space and listened to my heart and inner landscape. One magical moment led to another. After a few phone calls, before I knew it – I had found a place to lay my head with ease…


I welcome you to my home, a monolithic dome. I live in a dome home and I like to call it Turtles Landing.


According to the philosopher, mathematician, engineer, historian, poet and Expert In The Field, Buckminister Fuller, dome homes are known to be the most efficient building system available. Unlike the traditional box home, this structure works well in supporting the theory that we can “do more with less.” Not only are these homes generally more energy efficient, but they’re disaster-proof too.


And so it is here that I’m surrounded by vast open fields that hug the riverfront. On site is an organic garden, greenhouse and gluten-free bakery. Just down the hill is a tree house I like to call The Birds Nest.


I carry The Magical Field with me seeking to ever-more fully experience the wonders of the natural world, savoring the simple joys of life. My ongoing mission is to guide fellow travelers and explorers to discover, rediscover and live their passion and dreams too. Below is a step by step visualization exercise that can be used to get up close and personal with any dreams you want to grow and cultivate.

  1. Welcome a vast open invitation into what it is you desire.

  2. Concentrate on building up this desire into vivid image. How specific can it become?

  3. Fully immerse yourself into this image, feeling as if it’s really happening. Emerge the senses!

  4. How does it make you feel?

Visualization is used by many successful people and experts in a wide range of fields. For example, we see it all the time as it enhances performance for athletes, improving their motivation, coordination and concentration. Pretty nifty, huh?


Scientific evidence supports visualization according to research on brain imagery. Visualization works because the neurons in our brains interpret images just as they do to real-life events. This creates a new neural pathway in the brain that fires these neurons to “perform” the movement we imagined in the first place.


So what are you waiting for? With a little practice, a dose of diligent effort and trusting in life’s everyday magic, you and your dreams have nothing to lose. Give this positive, behavioral adaption a go!


The difference between childhood and adulthood is the ability to put your dreams into action. The Magical Field is to remind our inner child to still believe, while the adult in us can act. As a full time traveler in the field, it’s my intention to leave you with something in each field note – a thought, an idea, a new perspective, a question after the experience of reading or a new view that can hopefully be seen just as relevant next month or three years from now. You can sign up HERE to get magical moment emails delivered straight to your inbox so you don’t have to be a tourist traveling here.

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