... today, i'm naked.

no makeup.

no airbrushing.

just me,

this sign,

+ some unshaven legs.

hi, i'm jordyn

this is my story of #thenakedstyle



it started with goodbye to 5 closets of vintage + designer clothing, along with social media, a cell phone + chopping off my hair to find it's natural color again. working 10+ years within the fashion industry + meeting top fashion gurus + celebrities had me reflecting about true style.


upon entering my closet, i was overwhelmed (+so was my life.) contemplating the notion where less is more, + literally naked needing clothes to wear, i began designing a numerically curated, eco-driven capsule wardrobe. i call it Naked+Numeric; style with a conscience.











on a journey back to nature, i'm documenting what it's like to wear this 9-item wardrobe that fits just right in a suitcase (or tiny house on wheels.) beyond clothes, it's about making space for curiosity, worthiness, liberation + more of what simply feels good from the inside out.

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to simply Be present with what's Loved most.

feel what it's like on the inside:

"real style has 

the power to

transcend any trend.

it's timelessly



+ true...

& that's something

that doesn't fade."


© 2019 The Magical Field