A tiny Children's book story for grownups

(+ children, adult children + other living creatures too)

about big dreams, nature's course,

and a turtle + a birds’ quest to find

The Magical Field. 

Despite a broken wing, the bird is determined to fly again, determined to find greater joy, adventure + purpose. 

The turtle, although from many distant lands apart, has many dreams too and is determined with purpose to do the same. The bird must learn along the way how to dance with others, along with dancing by herself, all within the complexities of the big forest. 

Through many twists and turns, accepting the past as the past, and the future as such,

the turtle + the bird are coming to find

that the only real moment is Now,

and Now is where the magic can unfold

and be larger than life… 


The Inside Story on 

The Magical Field

what’s this magical thing everyone's talking about?

Ever experience a moment so genuine and real that you didn’t want it to end?

Where you lose track of time simply because you love what you’re doing?

Where you find an unbreakable connection to the present moment feeling alive + awake to the world?

Welcome to The Magical Field:

a space to be & love.


The Book